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Fuel Injectors Inc. 
Providing Quality Products Since 1998

Fuel injectors Inc. produces cleaning machines designed to work. We have been selling fuel injectors since 1998, and we offer a full line of fuel injector optimization equipment. You won’t find anyone who knows more, or does it better! Our knowledge allows us to provide customers with the right equipment and a complete range of supplies today. Additionally, all training necessary to set up, operate, and maintain a full-service fuel injector optimization operation is provided.

Fuel injector cleaning machine

M-5000 Marine Fuel Injector Tester and Cleaner

The M-5000 Marine Optimizer™ Deluxe six-cylinder bench-top unit includes top and side feed fuel rails and a stand-alone Ultrasonic Cleaner. The M-5000 is our precision marine workhorse, which is computer-controlled for accuracy and ease of use. With its high-capacity circuitry, the M-5000 can test and clean 98% of all automotive fuel injectors, as well as handle the extended rigors of marine fuel injectors.

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A-2000 Fuel Injector Tester and cleaner

Featured is an eight-cylinder bench-top with top and side feed fuel rails as well as a stand-alone ultrasonic cleaner. Additionally, the A-2000 is the best-in-class precision automotive cleaner. It is also computer-controlled in order to ensure accuracy and convenience. With the A-2000, you are getting a high-capacity circuit design. This design enables extended use with automotive-specific fuel injectors. Also, the unit is capable of testing and cleaning more than 98% of all automotive fuel injectors.

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mini 6 & 8

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ultrasonic cleaners

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Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner for Fuel Injectors
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