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Marine Fuel Injector Tester and Cleaner M-5000


M-5000 / GDI
Marine Optimizer™

With the power of  True GDI Technology, Two Screens

Most online machines that say GDI, do not have software for the multifunction pulsing of the GDI Injector

They send a high voltage current and keep injector charged at high voltage the entire time.

This type of testing will damage injector.

The M-5000 GDI is Perfect for all high Voltage Injectors

Marine fuel injector cleaning and testing machine includes stand-alone Ultrasonic Cleaner.

The M-5000 is our precision marine workhorse; computer controlled for accuracy and ease of operation. The M-5000 is equipped with high-capacity circuitry allowing it to handle the extended rigors of marine-specific fuel injectors in addition to flow testing and cleaning 98% of all marine fuel injectors.

Features and Functions:

Weighing in 40 Lbs heavier than the general online machine.

Premium computer board with more Power, able to run Low impedance injectors as low as 1 ohm.

Opti air/fuel and HPDI no problem

Inline Bosch style fuel pump, Ohm readings and external fuel filter.
The strongest technical support, all products stocked, assembled and or manufactured in Florida.

All the power you need is in this machine.

Run consistent @ 115 psi for GDI, able to run higher pressures for direct injection.

Perfect for two strokes.

Includes all adapters for GDI and 12v conventional injectors.

Low impedance is not a problem

Comes with standard cleaner, or opt up to the XP-5200 three transducer ultrasonic cleaner.

includes seal kit for GDI and for standard 12v fuel injectors

What’s Included?

M-5000 marine fuel injector cleaner tester

TU-4060HL premium ultrasonic cleaner heated with pulsing tray and soaking basket

Yamaha Fuel rail for green and orange O'ring injectors.

all adapters, needed to do the job properly.



TU-5180 180W 3 transducer high power ultrasonic cleaner with basket & pulsing tray

Optimax rail only fits Mini-6 and M-5000
Mercury Optimax air & fuel seal and filter kit #10507
Fuel Injector Filter & Tool Kit Automotive Marine #10502
Marine Fuel Injector Seal Kit #1050

    • Opti-max Adaptor Kit - for optimizing Mercury and Tohatsu side-feed injectors. (M-5000 only)
    • Filter Removal Tool - Indispensable tool; saves time and virtually eliminates damage to injectors.
    • Injector Seal Kit -  Injector parts to rebuild 100 injectors.

please check our complete kit prices, if you are unsure of what you need please email or call.


The M-5000 tests, cleans and optimizes most marine fuel injectors including Mercury, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki  4-stroke fuel injectors. PLUS, most car, truck, motorcycle, jet ski and snow mobile fuel injectors.


Fuel injectors inc. offers full after sale support and we always answer the phone




      • test up to six injectors at once.
      • includes exact-fit fuel rails for Yamaha and other models.
      • With touch of a button, can see Ohm readings of injectors.
      • Tests and cleans most marine and automotive fuel injectors.
      • Back-lit for easier viewing of the spray pattern.
      • Provides pulse control for optimal ultrasonic cleaning.
      • Tests and cleans both top-feed injectors and side-feed injectors, side feed optional.
      • Computer controlled with easy to read LED screen
      • Auto-Test one button to operate in 30 minutes
      • Performs comprehensive leak test
        • Performs injector firing test
        • Capable of checking the flow rate at 1000 to 9999 rpms and at various fuel flow pressures, from 5 psi to 100 psi.
        • Extended range, high-volume capability.
        • High quality, precision built components.
      • The Marine M-5000 Fuel Injector Optimizer™
      • Includes a separate high-performance, heated ultrasonic cleaner
      • Includes standard top feed and Yamaha fuel rails.
        • Includes all necessary adapters and fittings. Set-up, operate, optimize, business tips and more.


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