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Fuel Injector Tester and Cleaner Low ohm A2000

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Fuel Injector Tester & Cleaner

Why Buy an A-2000

Weighing in 20Lbs heavier than the general online machine.

Premium computer board with more power, able to run low impedance injectors as low as 1 ohm

Inline Bosch style fuel pump, Ohm readings and external fuel filter.

Plenty of power to run Bosch 210's and most other performance injectors as well as CNG.


What’s Included?

A-2000 Low Impedance Fuel Injector Tester

TU-4060HL premium ultrasonic cleaner heated with pulsing tray and soaking basket

all adapters, needed to do the job properly.
The best tech support


TU-5180 180W 3 transducer high power ultrasonic cleaner with basket & pulsing tray

10502 Filter & tool kit

10506 Automotive seal kit

21018 Bosch orings

test up to eight injectors at once.
With touch of a button, can see Ohm readings of injectors.
Tests and cleans most marine and automotive fuel injectors.
Back-lit for easier viewing of the spray pattern.
Provides pulse control for optimal ultrasonic cleaning.
Tests and cleans both top-feed injectors and side-feed injectors, side feed optional.
Computer controlled with easy to read LED screen
Auto-Test one button to operate in 30 minutes
Performs comprehensive leak test
Performs injector firing test
Capable of checking the flow rate at 1000 to 9999 rpms and at various fuel flow pressures, from 5 psi to 100 psi.
Extended range, high-volume capability.
High quality, precision built components.
low impedance Fuel Injector tester cleaner
Includes a separate high-performance, heated ultrasonic cleaner
Includes standard top feed and Yamaha fuel rails.
Includes all necessary adapters and fittings. Set-up, operate, optimize, business tips and more.

Fuel Injectors Inc. offers full after sale support and we always answer the phone

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