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How often are fuel injectors serviced?

Fuel injector service & replacement occurs more frequently than other common repairs such as AC compressor, CV boot cover, fuel pump, valve cover gasket, and water pump.

What’s the going rate for this service?

Current rates run approximately $25 to $35 per injector depending on region and type of injector, plus the cost of labor to remove and reinstall. However, new injectors run anywhere from $100 to $160 so there is a significant saving to the customer and injectors reconditioned with our machines return to factory specs. Most importantly, they run like new systems.

How hard is it to get set up and running?

With a little mechanical experience, you will be up and running in under an hour. CAUTION: Watch the Machine Set-Up video. A technician demonstrates each step and gives a few important tips to make things go smoothly. It’s only 13 minutes long.